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Motorized Barstool
Adoptions & Races

Moore's Store & The Forge Bar & Grill host a Quiet Man Tradition! Watch out for the Re-Ignition of Motorized Bar Stool Racing to be held on Saturday, March 21st in Ben Wheeler, Texas, pre-empted by the Adoption Auction taking place on Friday, January 23rd.

So what is this crazy Motorized Barstool thing anyway?  Well, it started in 1978 when a can of bud cost 16 cents at the Quiet Man Bar on Knox Street in Dallas.  The original circle of 6 barstool creators consisted of Bill Jenkins, Thomas Spangler, Johnny Gable, John Pullman, Mike Carr and Keith Blackwell (the official woo-hooer).  Each man created his own version of motorized barstool and then they began to race outside the Quiet Man Bar.  Soon it grew to the Highland Park Cafeteria parking lot where Mrs. Dewey Goodman announced the racers at

 Live Music & Events Line Up

Karaoke – 1/22 at 7 pm

Bar Stool Auction & Stefan Cotter - 1/23 - @ 8 pm - $5

Wayland Hicks & The Travelers - 1/24 at 9 pm - $7

Karaoke – 1/29 at 7 pm

Austin English - Band – 1/30 at 9 pm $5 Cover

Ben Lowery & The Texas Express – 1/31 at 8 pm $5

NFL Super Bowl Sunday – 2/1

Karaoke Contest Kick Off – 2/5 starts at 7 pm

Captain Legendary Band with Devin Leigh – 2/6 

Matt Dunn with Drake – 2/7

Karaoke Contest Cont. – 2/12 starts at 7 pm

Cody Wayne & Westbound 21 – 2/14

Karaoke Contest Cont. – 2/12 starts at 7 pm

Buffalo Ruckus – 2/20

Group Therapy – 2/21

Karaoke Contest Cont. – 2/26  @  7 pm

4Way Street – 2/27

Cody Jinks with Stefan Cotter – 2/28


Karaoke Contest Cont. – 3/5 starts at 7 pm

Tejas Brothers – 3/6

Wesley Pruitt Band – 3/7

Karaoke Contest Last Day – 3/12 starts at 7 pm

Mouse and the Traps – 3/13

Chris Wayne Band – 3/14

Karaoke Contest Finale – 3/19 starts at 7pm

Chase and the New South – 3/20

Barstool Races – 3/21

The Bigsby’s – 3/27 


 a polished track. From there they moved to the Dart Bar of Cedar Springs followed by Lukes Outhouse. The tradition continued throughout Dallas, where Mr. Jenkins made the news with his barstool cannon blast that set off the alarm of a nearby liquor store.
The notorious Dallas Farmers Market quickly took up the event in full sponsorship along with Ben E Keith and Budweiser to blast the races city wide. Bill Jenkins’ barstool train debuted (featuring a super charged 350cc Honda) coming in first place. In 1991 The races finally found their end at the Greenville Avenue St Pattys Day Parade. (This is the old school lower Greenville where legends were made.)
Last seen in 1991 the barstools have now resurfaced in Ben wheeler TX. The reincarnated reclaimed racers can be seen on display at the participating shops across the historic town of Ben Wheeler. Races to be held annually during the Over the Rainbow St Patty’s Day Party and at the Feral Hog Festival, which runs the 4th Friday and Saturday of October.
Build your own or adopt!!!

Want to Adopt?
So you want to be a Motorized Adoptee…You must attend the Adoption Auction to be held January 23 @ Moore’s Store! There will be a live auctioneer, foster barstools on display, live music and full bar. To check out potential adoptions, please go to the approved Foster Homes at the certified Ben Wheeler Merchants: Flying Fish, Frilly Pepper, Gum Creek, Secret Garden & Walking Horse. Adoption bids will start at $100.
Rules of adoption set forth by the B.W.B.P.S. (Ben Wheeler Barstool Protective Services)
Barstools must be available for future Ben Wheeler events & annual races, not show signs of abuse, & kept in good working order.  There will be an annual inspection by an authorized B.W.B.P.S. field agent to decide continued placement or removal from the premise.

Wanna make your own Motorized Barstool?
There is a silver lining, if you have the skills and wherewithal, we welcome you to create your own motorized barstool. Just be sure to check out the Ben Wheeler Motorized Barstool Racing Rules and Regulations.
Pick up entry forms & complete rules @ Moore’s Store or The Forge Bar & Grill or print them right here:

Press Release & Moore Info

Adoption Guidelines

Barstool Racing Rules

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