WHEN: APRIL 11 & 12, 2015 @ 2:00PM
WHERE: The Pavilion behind The Forge
ADDRESS: 1610 FM 279 Ben Wheeler, TX 75754
PHONE: 903.833.5970
Deadline for Entries: APRIL 1st

Here’s How the Competition Works

Each band will be given a TWENTY MINUTE SET. It’s your time, utilize it however you feel will best exhibit your performance skill and musical abilities. There is no minimum requirement or maximum limit on the number of songs you play in your allotted time. Bands will be given a five minute warning signal from the sound guy. At the 20 minute mark they will be allowed to complete the song they are playing, but will not be allowed to start another. So, timing your intended set might not be a bad idea. No points will be deducted for completing your set early or for exceeding the twenty minutes by finishing the last song.
Three judges will be introduced at the beginning of the event. Bands will be scored on a 1 to 10 point scale in each of the following categories by all three judges on separate scorecards. “1” means the area needs significant improvement and “10” means they showed professional quality ready for the Junebug Music Festival. All three scorecards will be totaled for band’s final score. The three Bands with the highest accumulated scores will advance to finals at Moore's Store the following Saturday, April 18.

Scoring Categories:
Tuning: Intonation as a group, awareness of intended key.

Voice: Quality, Strength, Dynamic Range (loud and soft), and Tonal Range (high to low)

Phrasing: Starts and Stops (as a group), Tempo (is the beat consistent), Articulation (instruments and vocals)

Stage Presence
: Expression, Body Language, Confidence, Did they remember their parts, clearly delivered without hesitation?

Audience: Entertainment Value (overall performance), How Captivating was it, Audience Reaction (applause & cheers, attentiveness)

Song Selection: How well did the song(s) exhibit the band’s performance skill and musical abilities?

BONUS POINTS: Bands will be given the opportunity to earn an additional TEN POINTS by creating a Facebook Event page to promote the event and encourage their friends, family, and fans to attend. You must name The Forge as the event location. You must also provide the date, and time. Create the page before the event, you get the points, that simple. The number that “Join” your event page will not affect the bonus points. If you make the page, you get the points.

CONTEST RESULTS: Judges’ scorecards will be collected after each band’s performance. The points will be totaled on each scorecard and all three scorecards will be added together for the band’s final score. The top three bands with highest accumulated points will advance to the Finals at Moore’s Store the following Saturday, APRIL 18.

LOAD OUT: At 8:00PM, the gate will be locked and access to the facilities will be prohibited. The venue is NOT RESPONSIBLE for items left behind. So make sure your things are loaded in a timely fashion.

Battle of the Bands Entry Form

Complete and submit the form below to enter your band. Contestants will be chosen and notified, April 10th, if they are selected to compete. Please give us some way to hear your music through a web link, sound file, or CD. Band entries may also be hand delivered to Moore's Store OR The Forge in downtown Ben Wheeler. Please include the same required information as below with hand delivered submissions, and have any recorded material clearly labeled with contact information. Further event info and contest rules are listed below the entry form.

Have you wanted to play at Moore's Store or The Forge, record at a studio, get tons of free music gear, open for big name acts and have your name on a concert shirt? Enter your band now for a shot at winning!

Grand Prize:

Guaranteed Performance @ JuneBug Music Festival
Opening for a Heavyweight Headliner @ Moore's Store
FREE Recording time at GoodShed Studio
$100 worth of D'Addario Products from RNA Music